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7 Brilliant Ideas To Engage & Driving Traffic By Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media initiatives these days. It allows you to promote any products or information by pinning its images which is later repined, shared and talked in Pinterest Platform and goes viral.

People loves images and by following this trend, Pinterest has started its functionality in the last January of 2012.

How Pinterest Works?

Pinterest  is a platform to pin any picture in the pin board that’s why people can see your picture  instantly and become familiar with the products you want to share with them. The most amazing thing is Pinterest allows people to “Pin” or stick your desired images on your unique board. The user of the pinterest is called “Pinner”. You can pin your website related photo, images and let it be popular and go viral  and driving traffic towards your site instantly.

drive traffic by pinterest

Interesting Statistics about Pinterest:

Research shows that pinners usually spend their time of:

  • 83.9%  in pinning, 15.5%  in liking other images and 0.6% in commenting on images.
  • More interesting thing is that, over 80% users are women in Pinterest and 50% of them have children.
  • Pinterest is a beloved platform to the age of 25-38 people.
  • 17 million brand engagements have been successfully happened on Pinterest.
  • Over 4 Million people visit Pinterest every day.
  •  2.3 billion Page view counted in march 2013. Visitors spent their time here in Pinterest about 14minutes.

So, we should think about grabbing these huge traffics from Pinterest now! But, what is the method? Here you go:

7 Awesome Ways to Get Traffic from Pinterest!

Follow the steps given below to bring the traffics to your photos first and then divert them to your site. These social marketing strategy for Pinterest will eventually  bring out you a huge number of potential traffics who already have loved your images and want to know more about you.

Sharing Interesting Photos of Your Products:

Pick your best photos that are informative, eye catchy and interesting. People usually love to share information and they do often when they find the information in images. So, represent your product information beautifully in images and share it in Pinterest.

Don’t Forget to Re-Pin other people’s Photo:

In order to reach to a larger audiences, you have to broaden your network by caring other people. If you share and re-pin other photos; they will be notified and feel how much you care them and in return they will care you too by sharing your photos and contents to their existing huge audiences. The bigger the audience you have in Pinterest, the higher your opportunity to boost your visitors towards your site.

Target the Exact Audience:

You should know who your exact audiences are. From the statistics I have given above; we  know that, most of the Pinterest user is women. Pinterest has too many category and you have to select the right category for your product. Each category will be visited by the people who are interested on that type of category and share these spontaneously.

Apply All SEO issues While Pining On your Board:

Always make sure that each of your Pinterest sharing is SEO optimized. To do so, you have to use perfect description about your content. Don’t forget to put # tag before the keywords. If your keyword is survival kit then the usages example should be like #survival kit. Put your website link in the description field so that if comes in Google Search and gift you huge visitors.

Offer a Contest to the Pinners:

Most of the smart pinners offer a contest by awarding a great prize. This is a tricky thinking to make your audience more interested in your sharing photographs. Offer some small award which can stimulate the Pinterest users to pin your pictures and let it spread to all over the world amongst all social media marketer. Thus your site and products might get huge exposure to the targeted audience.

Connect Your Pinterest Profile With Other Social Media:

It  would be beneficial to get more social traffics by feeding your Pinterest account on other social network site. This is a great trick to gather eyeballs to your Pinterest account from Facebook and Tumblr. Both of these platforms would give you a ready-made juice for your Pinterest profile if you know how to process this.

Adding a Board Contributor

You have fans in your Pinterest account. Now this will be a smart decision to add some fans to your board to give them the opportunity to contribute your profile. To do so, just go to your profile then go to edit board. Here you will get a dialog box where you will see the option “Who can Pin”. Add the name of your fan and then click “Add”. Now you are done. Getting this contributing power, your contributor might get interest to pin and re-pin your photo, picture and photographs.

All of these tips and tricks are very effective to get an extra traffic to your site solely by Pinterest. So, get going with your Pinterest profile to boom your traffic!

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  1. Excellent article. I have came to know in early 2012 that pinterest was the top traffic driver at that time. And researchers expected pinterest as the next Social Commerce game changer. Some more articles on pinterest would be really helpful for the palyers of social commerce and it would be really great if you share some comparison data of traffic driving in future. And I’ll try writing an article on instructographics.

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