How Digital World 2012 Event Got Huge Hit Within Couple of Weeks!

How Digital World 2012 Event Got Huge Hits Within Couple of Weeks!
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Project Details

Project Name : Digital World 2012

Client Name : Mohammad Khan

Categorys : Web design

Skils : Creativity, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP

Project URL :

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Project Goal
Managing all the Internet Marketing tasks effectively and reaching out to most of the youths of Bangladesh via Internet.

Why We Were Chosen:
> We have already proved ourselves in Internet Marketing journey and won several recognition from national & governmental high officials.
> Our vast experiences on Internet Marketing assured the govt. high officials that we can handle such huge event without any disasters.
> We had a dedicated team for social media and media promotions.

Project Requirements:
> Precise knowledge on Facebook Advertising System.
> Social Media Content Creation expertise and promotional experiences.
> Power of engaging the general peoples on any platform in internet and urge them to come in the event.

Project Outcome:
> We helped this event to go as one of the biggest and most successful Tech Event organized by Bangladesh Government so far.
> We reached people via facebook.
> We reached to 44 Thousands of targeted people via successive Email Campaign.

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