Updated: 9 Feb, 2013

Why DevsTeam Is Here As A Marketing Partner of Ecommerce Fair 2013?

After being successful in some hugely popular International event in Bangladesh like Digital World 2012; now we are Internet Marketing Partner of the very first Ecommerce related Fair in Bangladesh named “E-Commerce Fair 2013”. We are very much proud of as a company for being a partner of such huge event.

Ecommerce Fair was one of the great challenges we have met so far; as it is being held on a completely new venue with new style. Most importantly, Ecommerce is not that much popular term in general public. We faced the challenges and made this event as much successful as we expected by breaking our limitations of reaching the highest number targeted people of Bangladesh.

DevsTeam with Ecommerce Fair

So, here is a short list of what we have done so far for Ecommerce Event:

  • Reaching more than 15 lacks of targeted people.
  • Getting 11 thousands and more targeted peoples’ like within just one week.
  • Huge engagement of traffics and possible customers.
  • Replied each comments & queries regarding Ecommerce and relation issues by Facebook users.
  • Making contents, images and useful resourceful for the Facebook Page.
  • Running several successful Facebook Ads Campaign that has been targeted to the people who might be interested in Ecommerce and enthusiasts who are planning to run their very first ecommerce site.

Any Idea about why we the DevsTeam are here as Marketing Partner?

  • We have been working on Internet for long and know exactly how the Virtual Buy Sells are occurred and what type of guys are in there.
  • We know what people are interested in and who they are. So, it was easy for us to reach them and accumulating everyone to the fair.
  • As Ecommerce is being boomed in all over the Bangladesh; we taken this chance as our social responsibility to gather as much crowds as possible to the Ecommerce Pages.

What are the Problems Bangladeshi Ecommerce Entrepreneurs are facing and how DevsTeam can help them?

  • We are providing all the Internet Marketing Services that are essential for an E-commerce site.
  • Our Conversion Rate Optimization service ensures their high sales rate within their existing visitors.
  • Our Copywriters can make effective copy for their promotions and sales page.
  • We research the target market and run Social Media Marketing campaign with higher social engagement rates.

We are confident enough to handle all the Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing issues for such huge events at near future.

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I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!

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