Updated: 2 Jul, 2012

DevsTeam | How the Days Are Being Passed Here!!!

DevsTeam! Was a dream someday, but its sparkling now…. a damn true!!! Seems like planting a tree and seeing the growth of it as the days are going by. Five young co-founders of this Company are flying to feel that, leafs are sprouting and flowers are starting to be blossomed already. Guys here are eagerly waiting for the Fruits…their ultimate goal…to be a leading IT company of Bangladesh along with the International exposure!

DevsTeam was launched at 4th May’ 2012 and already passed 2 awesome months! Nice to tell you that, everything is going according to our plan. We have lots of plans. Plans about IT Business in Bangladesh. Plans about IT Business in the International space. It’s all about surviving with existing workloads along with brainstorming for future. New plans, systems and strategies are being added on our notebook daily. Simultaneously, the pressure of manipulating these plans pushing us to high.  Sounds; huge workloads ahead. Overall everything is going great! But, we are not satisfied yet.. Lots of stuffs yet to do before we sleep. Like we attached the Quotes on our group – “We are here to build a history”. Let’s see….

DevsTeam Bangladesh

To maintain everything according to our plans and schemes, we are passing a robotic life here. Frankly speaking; we have to. We have to work hard in order to let our planted trees to be growing as higher as we dreamt of. We have to build a working mania in order to reach our desired goal, to exceed ourselves.

Unlike other IT companies; we have started lots of projects already in this shorter period of time. We have already established our Training Institutes and achieved the success exactly what we planned. We have already semi-completed the registration process for our company to be a Private Limited Company of Bangladesh. We have set up successfully our blog networks. It’s just need a flow to bang the web. We are dealing with several local and International clients for various design, SEO and web development projects. Dedication of every members of DevsTeam family and perseverance of each mates have brought enormous fame to this newly launched company.

DevsTeam got huge response and supports from the online media and got thousands of fans, followers, friends and well-wishers within such shorter time which have never happened before in Bangladesh. The unity of DevsTeam co-founders and the confidence and the understanding have helped the plans and strategies to be implemented as smoothly as it was needed.

We are working right now on a project named “SEO-Article Writing Competition in Freelancer.Com”. We are in the #1 position for every aspect the freelancer.com judges might evaluate. Hope, tomorrow will gift us another great achievement. We worked hard, spent lots of time and money. Just waiting for the Final Announcement now!

We are planning to open a separate brand named STEAM SEO Services for grabbing clients from all over the world. Will have to work hard to make this site a pioneer in the SEO industry. STEAM is about the brand taken the first letter from each of the DevsTeam Co-Founders.

This is the first time ever, we the Bangladeshi guys are planning to invest our brilliancy, money and the time to launch a huge WordPress Theme Club named Themever (The site is now offline). We have huge plans about it and hope will be able to gift you guys hundreds of awesome professional looking premium WP themes at the end of this year.

We will also provide WordPress Customization Services” to worldwide and have made a dedicated website for that. WordPress users would have no worries about their customization or tweaking capabilities as when we will be live.

Effective copy-writing and professional article writing business is not new in the industry. But we are here to bang the stuffs. Buyers will have complete flexibility to choose any articles they want and they will have the chance to ask for a quote of a custom copy-writing deal for building their businesses.

Overall, life is going good here in DevsTeam. It’s because we love to work. We love to explore the world and curious enough to gift something special and unique that can change the way you think.

Its matter of time. We know, working together is success. And we know, success is not too much far away…. It’s just knocking our door.

About Nasir Uddin Shamim

I am one of the Co-Founders of DevsTeam. Trying my best to provide you bunch of awesome articles here from my experiences. Follow me on my SEO Blog or in Twitter for constant updates of useful resources. Thank You!

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