Certified Professional Blogger Training

We are offering Certified Professional Blogger Training

There are enormous peoples in Bangladesh who are earning more than 3-4 thousand Dollars per month just by blogging. But due to proper guidelines peoples here from Bangladesh can’t get into this whopping and huge money making online sector. Lots of these are not making single pennies due to shortage of effective blogging tactics or having fluffy and misleading blogging ideas from the so called Blogging gurus. You must have to be little bit tricky and acquire effective strategic knowledge to own a successful blogging career. You will not only get money from Blogging but also huge reputations in the mainstream bloggers. Now days, in the international arena bloggers are seemed to be journalists too.  So, this Certified Professional Blogger Training has been designed to the peoples who love to write and want to consider this blogging as the career.

Who Can Be A Professional Blogger?

Peoples who have basic knowledge on using Internet, have interest in writing and can write or read English properly;  can be a professional blogger within 2-4 months provided that they follows all of the lessons we teach on this blogging course.

Lessons That You Will Learn

We have designed our blogging course for the Beginner Level blogger to Advanced level. We will teach you about:-

  • How to create a professional looking Blog.
  • How to optimize your settings for a better blogging experiences
  • How to implement Google Adsense  and other Ads code on your blog
  • How to write articles in faster and efficient way
  • How to optimize your blog to have better results in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • How to bring Adsense Money to Bangladesh
  • How to protect yourself from being banned by Google
  • How to create niche blogs
  • How to create product oriented affiliate blog
  • How to sell a already built blog or website in various flipping site
  • How to structure your site for easy navigation that your visitors along with Search Engine loves
  • How to construct your site to make it highly speedy by google speed test
  • How to analyze your site visitors and further improvement tips by using the traffic states analysis

…and lots more. You will also get lessons about how to make thousand dollars per month with a minimum effort from your blog and lots of other strategies about SEO.

How You Will Be Benefited By This Course?

The peoples who want to be self-dependent and want to earn money by Blogging; this course has been designed only for those. According to your qualification; you can earn 500 to unlimited amount of Dollars per month by blogging. In freelancing career you will not get paid if you don’t do any given task; but in blogging once set-up everything required the money will follow you at lifetime period. This is why Blogging is much secured than Freelancing. But if you still want to be a freelancer; then you can also sell your service as a Content Writer and SEO market as you will learn these things while doing our Blogging Course.

Who Will Teach You?

The Bangladeshi guys who are earning lots of money by Blogging and are top listed in this country will teach you about blogging. Don’t miss their secret blogging weapons!

  • Masudur Rashid : Blogger & SEO Expert.
  • Taher Chowdhury Sumon : Blogger & SEO Expert.
  • Nasir Uddin Shamim : Blogger & SEO Expert.
  • Eunus Hosen: Blogger, WordPress & SEO Expert, Freelancer.

Course Fee

You will have to spend only 15000 BDT to learn the theoretical blogging course for 2 months and an opportunity to work in a real life project for one month.

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Resource Person:

Masudur Rashid

A successful blogger, SEO Expert and Affiliate Marketer.

Abu Taher Sumon

Abu Taher Sumon

A Successful Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and SEO Consultant.

Nasir Uddin Shamim

Nasir Uddin Shamim

A blogger, Multinational SEO Consultant (SEO Expert) and Copywriter.

Eunus Hosen

Eunus Hosen

Blogger, WordPress & SEO Expert, Freelancer.

Duration: 2 Months.
Course Fee: 15000 BDT.
Course Starts on: 11 Nov. 2012