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Project Name : BusinessTimes24.Com
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Project Details

Project Name : BusinessTimes24.Com

Client Name : Pabon

Categorys : Web design

Skils : Creativity, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, MysQL, PHP

Project URL :

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Why We Have Been Chosen?

> Having vast knowledge on User Experiences (UI) and User Experience (UX) and understanding what most people want from an Online Newspaper.
> Designing and Developing a functional website that makes the visitors easy to browse the whole site and which is easy to manage.

What We Did?

> We designed a PSD for this news site by following all the easier using experiences.
> We followed the functionality and information availability at one glance and designed the PSD that way.
> We developed the whole site from the scratch and applied every kind of functionality that an Online News Website should have to have.
> All the custom features have been included while Developing so that featuring any news and categorizing have been damn easy than any other site out there.

Project Outcome:
> Site has been cleaned looking.
> All the functions working properly like a charm.
> The news readers experienced the best browsing experiences as the site is too Clean, Faster and easy to access all the news right their one click away.

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