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Abu Taher, An Entrepreneur & Father of a one year old Son who has been working in Online Marketing for nearly a decade, with a focus on running his own business online.

How to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit in 2016

A new year is just beginning and you have to be more cautious in analyzing a website than that of any other time from this 2015. Because Google is continuously improving its search algorithms to produce to best possible results in 1st page of SERP. So the effectiveness of tradition old school link building is […]

Hummingbird Effect | Google Algorithm is Now Better than Before

Hummingbird: The New Algorithm of Google At 27th September Google announced a “Boom” to the media that they change their search engine. Now, the new engine gives us more “human” like result. They said that they changed this algorithm one month before and it won’t hurt Search engine optimizers. At first you should clear this […]

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Blog Away From Spammy Comments

It’s true that having unique and killer contents is very much crucial for attaining desired results from your website but it’s not enough at all. As a content creator, dealing with comments made on your website is also a part of your job. Because appropriate managing and dealing with comments on your site can ensure […]

Why Web Apps Are Superior Than Desktop Based Apps?

The development of software’s application began with the desktop application. Desktop application could be first of all used by the single computer users such as laptop or a desktop in order to perform some specific and limited tasks only. Within the advancement in the field of technology and internet as well as online ecommerce, web […]

Upcoming SEO Trends in 2013 & 2014 – Predictions & Strategies

All of you have already known about latest Google penguin 2.0 (released on May 22, 2013) and Panda 26(confirmed on July 18, 2013) updates which already adversely affected many search queries in search results. Do you know only penguin 2.0 update has already noticeably affected 2.3% English search queries in SERP? Matt Cutts, Google’s Head […]

10 Types of Backlinks That Google Doesn’t Like

There was a time when simply building a lot of blog commenting and social bookmarking would be enough to get desired ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Then some major Google algorithm updates took place and newer form of link building like guest posting campaigns, press releases started playing vital role in ranking websites. […]

How to Conduct a Successful On-Page SEO Audit of Your Website

People often ask me why their sites are not doing well as expected or de-ranking even after publishing new contents and doing white-hat SEO as well. I always suggest them to focus on their sites’ on-page at first. That’s because there have been many great changes in Google algorithms over the last couple of years […]

5 Features Every Professional Ecommerce Site should have!

With the growing demand for easy online shopping, professional online sellers should include the necessary features, tools, and functionality when building the Ecommerce sites; which comprises varied aspects of the shopping website such as, Web design, Dashboard, Payment system, shopping cart, checkout, SEO tools and other additional features based on your business requirements. Over the […]

10 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate of Your Business!

Most of the people think that conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who make a purchase from a particular site. But actually conversion rate does not confined to this simple definition. Actually conversion rate is the succession rate of potential visitors who are making the desired actions. Such desired actions may include purchasing a […]

Business Dies When Positive Reviews Aren’t On First Page!

In the modern era of digitized lifestyle, people surf the web to look for quick and relevant information, and they usually look on the first page of search engine results for the required information. Considering that the top two internet activities include search and email, many companies are in an undying race to make a […]