Google Keyword Planner :: The New Addition of Keyword Research

There are two hot news are waiting for IM’s in the whole world. One is good and another is bad. The bad news is we are going to lose our favorite Google Adword tool which was very easy and effective to marketers for keyword research. And the good news is we are going to get […]

11 Powerful Tools To Handle Online Reputation

The world of e-business is now more competitive and tougher. There are many things you have to care right now. What if anybody search your name on the web and find any scam in the webpage? What if a popular company with brand value attacked by this issue? It creates a disaster in your business. […]

10 Killer Ways to Get Content Writing Ideas

The most common question I often face is-what will I write today or in what about? It’s a common problem of many bloggers or writers out there. After writing several contents, they often don’t understand what they will write now or in what topic. I am not telling that it’s their inability, in fact it’s […]

Top 11 On Page SEO Best Practices

If you are a website owner or have any kind of involvement with IT world, I am sure you are very much acquainted with how much important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for a website. SEO helps website to rank on the first page of search engines and most importantly let visitors inform about a […]

9 Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks!

Simply, backlinks are the links that are directed toward your website. Creating backlinks is an effective way of getting lots of visitors to your site. Most importantly, the number of backlinks is very important for SEO, because all search engines, including Google, give  more credit to a website that has a good number of quality […]

6 Steps to Build Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Google Algorithms are continuously being changed. The strategies, that were very much effective couple of years ago, are regarded as bad practices at present times. For example- a website which had duplicate or low quality contents could rank at the 1st place of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) through making huge amount of low quality […]

Powerful YouTube Marketing That Works In 2013

Everybody knows that YouTube is the world’s largest online video site. YouTube is a great Social Media to brand your company or organization or increase your selling. Why people go to YouTube? Why did you go to YouTube? Video is a great source of learning something easily. That’s why we use YouTube mostly. YouTube is […]

How Google Process Search Results at Each Query?

When we search anything in Google; the result shows instantly. This is really an amazing! But, have we ever thought that how Google is showing such correct results within a mili-second? Or have we thought ever that what the process or steps involved in Google’s Search process? Here, the 3 simple but exact process will […]

New Office of DevsTeam Has Been Inaugurated Successfully

Within 1 year of establishment of DevsTeam HQ at 4th May, 2012, we have been able to successfully inaugurate our new office at 26th March, 2013. General Secretary of Bangladesh Open Source Network (BDoSN) Mr. Munir Hasan, President of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) Mr. Fahim Mashroor, Javed Murshed from Daffodil University, […]

21 Killer Content Ideas to Start Writing Instantly!

Each  Content you write for your business or blog or website; should have to be unique, informative and a good combination of focusing topics and researched data. Here I am going to put down 21 brilliant content ideas so that you won’t have to stuck ever thinking what to write next. Use Google analytics for […]