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Holy Guide to Recover from Google’s Manual Penalty Action

As you know, Google is continuously introducing and improving their algorithms to keep their search results spam free and most importantly, to provide users with most appropriate information that they are looking for and thus improve user experience. In order to ensure enhanced user experience, Google has introduced several major algorithm updates including Caffeine, Panda […]

How an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Can Drive Targeted Visitors

Today’s trends in social media marketing are making people forget about email marketing. But in some cases e-mail marketing can be more effecting for campaign purposes. There is no doubt, still there are many companies are making successful email campaigns. If you are not sure about how to get started with this way, I suggest […]

How I Have Made The DUians Crazy to Freelancing & Blogging At DUITS Seminar

Don’t know whether this writing is too much late or not; but I feel it standing to a reason to be shared now! We the DevsTeam got invited from Dhaka University IT Society to perform an Outsourcing Seminar at 7th May’2012. There I conversed about Blogging & Affiliate Marketing and I showed various ways to […]