Updated: 23 Mar, 2013

All Google Algorithm Updates of 2013 [Updated]

SEO tactics have been changed several times because of the continuous updates of Google Search Engine algorithm. In this year of 2013, Google have decided to bring out 500 updates in a year and they really going to fill up their target to punish the spammy contents and to give priority the real webmasters.

There have some affects and benefits in such algorithm updates that come from Google. Keeping your eyes on these update regularly might let you planning for the best SEO practices as a webmaster and thus you have to be smart enough with your blog or website than any other out there  in turning it to the upper ranking in SERPs.

Google Algorithm Update lists for 2013:

There are several Updates for 2013 have already comes out in the Web world and some of the most powerful updates are:  Google Panda Update 2013, Google Penguin Update 2013, Google Page Rank Update 2013.

So have a look on these update stories and keep you updated with the new coming methods and tactics in SEO [ This page will be constantly updated ]Google Algorithm Update 2013

1st Update on 17 January 2013 – Google Algorithm Update

2013’s first Google update is published on 17th January, 2013. The update came to us with a great changing in SEO. Although Google has denied about the update but webmasters have confirmed us about the Google algorithm update what had taken place surely for the search result ranking change.  Specialists make sure that the update has changed the search results in SERP and this would be a panda or Penguin update. The first update affected 1% search query that time. Google officially announced about the update on 22January, 2013.

2nd update on 22 January 2013- Google Panda Algorithm Update

As SEO webmasters detected the first update, dramatically the second update announced from Google on 22 January 2013. The 2nd update is known to us as Panda Update. The update had affected low quality websites and pushes them to the lower ranking. According to the Google’s official information, this update has affected 1.2 % of search queries.

3rd update on 25 January 2013 – Google Page Rank Update

The third update of 2013 from Google has been announced in 25th January. The update brought out a change in page rank. Webmasters defined this change as a minor change as it affected a little number of websites who has more or less 4-5 page rank. This update has down fall their sites in page ranking.

4th update on 27 January 2013 – Google Rolled Back Its Recent Google Algorithm Updates

The 4th update marked as a rolling back update. Expert webmaster defines this update as a rolling back update of recent Google SEO algorithm. The update backs again the website’s positions to their older status. Getting back the initial position most of the webmasters define this Google update as a rolling back update.Algo Updates Google Updated

5th update on 30 January 2013 – Google Dance

The most interesting thing is there appears too many dancing from Google just after the update of 22 January, 2013. If you are a blog or website owner then you may have the experience of unstable Google rankings that time. We have experienced the results coming with lots of fluctuation and really that shown an unstable situation that time.

7th update on 12 February 2013 – Signs of Google Algorithm Update May be Google Penguin

A great downfall in ranking experienced that time on 12 February, 2013 by the thousands of  Webmasters. SEO masters and other SEO thinker have paid a close attention to that update and found out a major ranking downfall.

8th update on 1st March 2013 – Google Released How Search Works in Google Step by Step

Finally Google has published the way of search engine mechanism works and they have showed the factors that work for a search query in search engine. Most of the webmaster now a day asks this question that how a search engine works. To satisfy these guys Google have declared the method of search engine performance.

Now you are fully concerned about Google’s Update that comes early in this year 2013.

Many more updates will be declared from Google. Keep your eyes with this pages.

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  1. Good to have these useful updates in one place. Keep up the good work Devs Team

  2. Many many thanks. it’s so effective and useful article. good job.

  3. Atul Kumar says

    Yes i think Online Advertising is over for them who are not following these updates but bro Just let me know if we follow these as well and still not getting higher rank so what would be the reason, bcz in current time i m facing same issue with few sites. We posted fresh content, instantly following guidelines but still not getting rank.. why ??????

  4. SEO tactics should be kept on changing based on these updates, as many major blogs and websites have suffered a huge blow due to these updates in the past. Nice share 🙂

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