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Advanced SEO Techniques You Must Know to Survive Online

As SEO is changing constantly and the search engines are getting complex these days; you can’t actually survive if you don’t know the core of SEO.

Advanced SEO  is all about understanding the Google and other search engines indexation system, search engines access on your site and how they behave, site performance, proper robots.txt & meta tag usages, various search verticals, data research and sorting, link building in different ways that are panda & penguin proof.

Today, I am going to cover some advanced SEO terms and implementation process here as below:

Site indexation with accessibility

To have a brief idea in indexation and accessibility you have to check the following measures:

  • Browse your site exactly how search engine does. To do that install web developer addon on your browser (ff)  along with an user agent switcher addon.
  • Disable JavaScript from Firefox.
  • Using web developer plugin you have to disable css.
  • Set user agent to Google bot.

Now crawl your desired site with screaming frog and see how it looks as a search engine bot. If the content is highlighted; then you are going in right direction.Advanced SEO Techniques

Here are some other factors you should check carefully on your site:

  • test the new site before get it live
  • without any down time you have to migrate to a new site if needed.
  • use crawl-able AJAX.
  • use cross domain rel=canonical tag into your site header.
  • fixing https duplicate content errors.
  • implement “rel=next” tag into your pagination schemes.
  • fix all of your error pages with .htaccess.
  • use multilingual markup according to schema.org
  • block potentially malicious or harmful links to your site by disavow tool.

Site speed and performance

The appeal of site speed is a very strong parameters which Google is taking consideration as algo these days. So have a look on what to do:

  • measure your site speed by using google webmaster tools.
  • track your page loads by google analytics.
  • optimize css and js files from your server.
  • install google’s mod_speed for apache.

Use some Advanced Tags that Google suggests you!

Implement the tags mentioned below on your site to make your site much crawl-able and SEO friendly.

  • use schema.org metadata
  • video indexation marking up your videos with schema.org
  • use yahoo search monkey RDFA.
  • google rel=author tag implementation for multiple author sites
  • google rel=aut hor tag implementation for single author.

Customize Your CMS (WordPress)

Perfect customization of WordPress will help you in seo greatly. WordPress customization depends upon some factor and these factors are given below to make your sense on these:

  • advanced indexation for WordPress sites (yoast seo)
  • securing WordPress
  • making WordPress comment reply links nofollow
  • internal linking with seo smart links
  • get rid of date in SERPs
  • creating a custom WordPress author bio page
  • using wp-super cache
  • adding your site to entity based sources.SEO Dos & Don'ts

Keyword Research

A researched keyword will help your page ranked up in SERPs easily.  Researching thoroughly about the competitor and the region, location, visitors and other manner of search trends will yield a posh keyword for you.

  • Go through Google adwords keyword research
  • use search suggest scrapers for fast keyword ideas
  • use google correlate for better co-related keyword ideas.
  • tracking internal site search.

Link building with Content Marketing

Link Building is exactly what the Search Engines looks for to rank a site on their result pages. Each links count as a vote to one site from another site. Here are some ways you can go with:

  • scalable Blog out-reach
  • capturing links from brand mentions
  • using scrapebox for fast whit e hat blog commenting
  • getting a link from dmoz
  • comment links with disqus
  • broken link building
  • adding easy to copy and paste embed code
  • link building with your twitter profile
  • copy and pasting link building with Tynt
  • recovering lost links
  • second level link building
  • second level link prospecting
  • perform a back link audit
  • create a “top” list and get links
  • build links with PDFs.
  • link building with images
  • create a 3D JavaScript page or Microsite  with html5 and css3.

Advanced Search Verticals What Google Prefers

To earn huge traffic, you should operate & implement various search vertical on your site.  Though this is not a serious seo issue, it can add an appeal to your site.

  • mobile friendly sites with responsive web design.
  • Using YouTube for driving traffic.
  • installing t he Facebook open graph
  • installing Google plus badges
  • Optimize tags by following Schema.org

Have a great go with these advanced SEO and boost your site to search engine. Although we just putted down the main features of advanced SEO but you need to know about each of these features individually.

Let me know if anything you still need to understand by commenting below; and I will cover up these topic with another blog post.

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  1. I think it is a great post and everybody should read it. Thanks Shamim, For giving me some new idea.

  2. awesome

  3. Nice article about search engine optimization techniques. I think this article is so informative and i will follow this techniques in my blog for better seo.

  4. Hi, I did not get what did you mean by “get rid of date in SERPs”? Is that you are suggesting not to show the update date of article in SERP? If so, how can we do it in WordPress. Thanks

    • Hello Ishtiaque, Thanks for your comment.
      On this article, Shamim Bhai suggested not to show the date on SERP when the article got published. Removing this date from SERPs helps to get more click.

      If you are using WordPress, You may visit this link to know how to do it: http://bit.ly/lvvFDu

  5. I would like to improve on that by applying your ideas to my blog – http://website-seo-guide.blogspot.com. Its an an informative post…

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