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8 Reasons of Why You Will Love Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing!

Any kind of businesses these days must have an online presence to reach out to millions and billions of consumers around the world by increasing their brand value and popularity. Online businesses can choose different ways to advertise and promote their products/services online and online advertising is one of these. The activities of advertising are aimed to increase brand awareness, sales, profits and reputation of the business.

Basically, In the world of internet, there are two basic ways to drive traffic to your website: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As the name suggests, Pay per Click requires you to pay to companies only when someone clicks your ad. That is, you pay per click for driving traffic to your website. You pay to display your ads on the search engine results pages, which normally appear to the top or to the right side of the results page or particular websites.

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’ or PPC. ~ Jef I. Richards

In most of the cases, advertisers bid on the keyword phrases that are relevant to their website content. As compared to other conventional means of advertising like newspapers, T.V, newsletters, radio and others, PPC is more cost-effective and outcome-oriented.

Importance of PPC


Importance of Pay per Click Advertising

Whether you are new to the business world or have years of experience in the corporate world, own a small business or have a large setup, PPC gives you the opportunity to reach to potential customers.

Since, you have to pay only a small amount for actual clicks, PPC utilizes a relatively small budget for advertising, helping to drive instant traffic to your website. You need to evaluate your budget, manage it efficiently, and make a strategic use of keywords using tools like Google Ad Words, so as to facilitate fast and effective increase in sales. PPC is cost effective in terms of investing on potential customers only.

Anyone who clicks on your ad links is more appropriate and suitable for becoming a potential customer, than people who notice your ad but simply decide to ignore it.

    Travelsphere – Passengers increased by 234% while running PPC campaign, CPA reduced by 12%

Quicksilver – Revenue increased by 380% while running PPC campaign,, spend reduced by 24%.

Confetti – Sales Increased by 42% while running PPC campaign,, CPA decreased by 68%.

Swagger & Swoon – Increased site conversions by 12.41% while running PPC campaign, and average order value by 52%

PPC and business growth

As an advertiser, you settle a pre-paid advertising agreement where you agree to pay a certain fixed amount for each click. So, it is on you to decide what minimum amount you can afford to pay on a daily or weekly basis. Also you have the authority to choose price competitive and popular keywords that are best relevant to your business. PPC advertising could lead to a dramatic increase of quality traffic to your website. However, this requires that you skillfully implement and carefully manage the PPC campaign, as not doing so can cost you in terms of lost customers, lost sales and lost RIO. Here are some of the benefits of PPC that can help you decide whether PPC is the best choice for your business advertisement and traffic increment.

Read how Wordstream saves 5000 USD per year and more by running a PPC campaign: 20 Minutes of PPC

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

The idea of PPC is to increase Return on Investment as well. Since you pay for increasing traffic to your website, you also get a valuable return on investment. For example, if you run an e-commerce business, the return on investment may be an increase in sales. Other than that, it could be any desired action performed by the user, as per the needs of your business type; such as, more newsletter subscriptions, or sign-ups to a group.

Check out how Doug Demercurio got 200% Improves on his Facebook PPC ROI: ROI Case Studies

Instant Results

One of the most prominent and powerful benefits of Pay per click campaign is that it serves as the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. While SEO campaign may take months to drive traffic to your website, PPC displays your ads on the search engine results pages right after the implementation of the PPC campaign. Though it does cost you some money to advertise, the traffic and RIO is drawn instantly.

Looks of PPC


Controlled and Flexible Management

PPC allows you to design and control the advertising campaign that suits your business needs the best. You can choose or bid on the amount that you are willing to pay. You can pick a seasonal campaign that displays your ad in the search results over a limited period.

It also gives you’re the flexibility to evaluate the performance of your PPC campaign from time to time. PPC campaign also gives you the ability to pay more for specific keywords variably on suitable days or weeks of the campaign.

Budget Flexibility

As an advertiser, you have the right to decide and set a fixed budget for certain keywords and control how much you will pay for increased traffic and other bidding options. You can achieve your marketing goals by setting up daily, weekly or monthly budgets for advertisement.

Pay for performance

With PPC you have to pay only for each click on the ad by a potential customer. You do not have to pay for displaying your ad on the search engine results page. That means that you can spread awareness about your business free of cost. The money is invested on people who click on your ad, and may visit your site and perform the desired action (such as buy a product, subscribe to newsletter) or save the URL for future visit.

Why select PPC for online advertising?

According to a survey, PPC accounts for 64.5% of clicks which indicates a higher commercial intent than achieved through SEO.

So far, SEO seems to be a less desirable option as compared to PPC because SEO requires more effort and time in getting the desired results, yet costs money.However, it is best to invest in both strategies. Combined with a fine SEO strategy that provides long-term RIO benefits, PPC method can serve as an impactful agent in driving quality traffic to your website.

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