Updated: 27 Mar, 2013

21 Killer Content Ideas to Start Writing Instantly!

Each  Content you write for your business or blog or website; should have to be unique, informative and a good combination of focusing topics and researched data.

Here I am going to put down 21 brilliant content ideas so that you won’t have to stuck ever thinking what to write next.

  1. Use Google analytics for content idea:

    Open your analytics account and then go to traffic source> search engine optimization> then look at the query report. This report let you inform about top 1000 daily searches query. You will find lots of keywords that are bringing you visitors but you have never focused these. You can write new articles based on these keywords to acquire more traffics from Search Engine.

  2. Google AdWord Tool:

    GAW  is a common keyword research tool that you can use for content ideas. Here you will find broad, exact and phrasal keyword to write up your next Content.Content Writing Ideas

  3. Content idea generator:

    Simply enter your root Keyword of your site and search. You will have an elaborate idea about the content from its news, videos and collected tweets.

  4. Wikipedia:

    Wikipedia can be your nonstop content making source. You can go for a search and seek your content idea from “Table of Contents”.

  5. Keyword questions:

    It is one of the great product from WordTracker.  Just put your keywords and get the most related questions this tool generates automatically.

  6. Join forums and get ideas from the comments:

    Every industry is talked through various forum. Here people come to discuss about a specific topic in a specific forum. Go to these forums and join the discussion, note down visitors query and questions. Note down a special talk, then try yourself too and in your own blog about just write about that matters. Use your own voice to answering in your blog and thus you will be able to make an informative and ongoing content that meet the visitors demand.

  7. Trail the related blog comment:

    Have a regular journey to the related blog of your topics and then start reading the comments come from different visitor. Note down their thinking and thus meet their thinking with your writing. This might help you to make up an outstanding content.

  8. Amazon books:

    Amazon has many books to sale. Search your topics from Amazon and then have it. You might get too many ideas from Amazon’s Book Preview option.

  9.  Search through Slideshare:

    Here you get many untold or unveiled informational slides in slideshare. Put your keyword and get the related slides to write your next content.

  10. Solve visitor’s problem with “How to”:

    Most of the search query starts with “how to”. Meet how to solution and get a specialized content. People love such type of content and you can turn any content into a how to content for better readability.

  11.  Write a case study:

    Meet people’s heart with writing case study. This should be true, informative, well-researched and the stories of how they have done something beautiful.

  12. Interview an expert:

    People loves to know from experts. Find the Experts related to your industry and then ask for an Interview.

  13.  Review something:

    Find any product from Amazon or any other Marketplaces and review these products with your affiliate link. Monetization your content with affiliate link can be done in this way.Idea of Article Writing

  14.  Keep eyes on what gets popular:

    Study about popular topics and try to write about that’s topics too. Find popular topics from Topsy, Top Ten Reviews and similar sites.

  15. Recycle or update the older posts:

    It is another good idea to rich your content. Get the upcoming and latest information from news and other sources and then rewrite your existing content.

  16.  Debate with your readers:

    To call the readers to your content you better make content with something debating topics. Just put down your thinking and then ask your visitor about the concept. Wait for magical reaction then!

  17.  Write about your best knowing:

    Making content demands your knowledge. You better write with your knowing about a topic.

  18.  Inject variety in content:

    This is a good thinking to inject something different. Catch the reader interest and then put it down to the content and make it viral.

  19.  Make Content Shorter By breaking a long content:

    People are now love smartness. Broad content is outsmarted. People love short content and don’t broad it with unusual word.

  20.   Read as much as you can:

    Reading books, novel, newspaper and other irrelevant topics will help you to create content with less hard work.

  21.  Go outside public place:

    our Content topic may be found in public places. Pay attention around yourself and note down!

Your content marketing strategy could be succeeded by following above mentioned steps.

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