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Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Blog Away From Spammy Comments

It’s true that having unique and killer contents is very much crucial for attaining desired results from your website but it’s not enough at all. As a content creator, dealing with comments made on your website is also a part of your job. Because appropriate managing and dealing with comments on your site can ensure […]

Why Web Apps Are Superior Than Desktop Based Apps?

The development of software’s application began with the desktop application. Desktop application could be first of all used by the single computer users such as laptop or a desktop in order to perform some specific and limited tasks only. Within the advancement in the field of technology and internet as well as online ecommerce, web […]

Upcoming SEO Trends in 2013 & 2014 – Predictions & Strategies

All of you have already known about latest Google penguin 2.0 (released on May 22, 2013) and Panda 26(confirmed on July 18, 2013) updates which already adversely affected many search queries in search results. Do you know only penguin 2.0 update has already noticeably affected 2.3% English search queries in SERP? Matt Cutts, Google’s Head […]

10 Types of Backlinks That Google Doesn’t Like

There was a time when simply building a lot of blog commenting and social bookmarking would be enough to get desired ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Then some major Google algorithm updates took place and newer form of link building like guest posting campaigns, press releases started playing vital role in ranking websites. […]