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How Google Process Search Results at Each Query?

When we search anything in Google; the result shows instantly. This is really an amazing! But, have we ever thought that how Google is showing such correct results within a mili-second? Or have we thought ever that what the process or steps involved in Google’s Search process? Here, the 3 simple but exact process will […]

New Office of DevsTeam Has Been Inaugurated Successfully

Within 1 year of establishment of DevsTeam HQ at 4th May, 2012, we have been able to successfully inaugurate our new office at 26th March, 2013. General Secretary of Bangladesh Open Source Network (BDoSN) Mr. Munir Hasan, President of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) Mr. Fahim Mashroor, Javed Murshed from Daffodil University, […]

21 Killer Content Ideas to Start Writing Instantly!

Each  Content you write for your business or blog or website; should have to be unique, informative and a good combination of focusing topics and researched data. Here I am going to put down 21 brilliant content ideas so that you won’t have to stuck ever thinking what to write next. Use Google analytics for […]

All Google Algorithm Updates of 2013 [Updated]

SEO tactics have been changed several times because of the continuous updates of Google Search Engine algorithm. In this year of 2013, Google have decided to bring out 500 updates in a year and they really going to fill up their target to punish the spammy contents and to give priority the real webmasters. There […]

Mobile SEO – Ways To Perform On Your Website!

This is the time of Mobile seo or Smartphone seo. There is a proverb goes to ‘prevention is better than cure’. Most internet marketers yet underestimate the value of mobile seo. But, the smart marketers start to use it when they realize the power of mobile Search Engine Optimization. This is really SEO friendly term […]

8 Most Effective Ways of Online Reputation Management!

Online reputation management is all about the search queries people conduct to find a product, an individual or a Company and the search result is generated against that searches.  This is a prestigious matter for a person that how he/she is going to visible to the entire world. Every person has some personalities and he […]

12 Powerful Tips To Dominate Social Media In 2013

People loves to be social and loves to stay in social networks to get connected with their surroundings. They meet with friends, their colleagues, batch mates, ex-friends and new people who they haven’t yet met physically. People shares their thoughts, opinions, misery, goodness, happiness and everything they feel like to. And you, as a blogger, […]

7 Brilliant Ideas To Engage & Driving Traffic By Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media initiatives these days. It allows you to promote any products or information by pinning its images which is later repined, shared and talked in Pinterest Platform and goes viral. People loves images and by following this trend, Pinterest has started its functionality in the last January […]

Advanced SEO Techniques You Must Know to Survive Online

As SEO is changing constantly and the search engines are getting complex these days; you can’t actually survive if you don’t know the core of SEO. Advanced SEO  is all about understanding the Google and other search engines indexation system, search engines access on your site and how they behave, site performance, proper robots.txt & […]

Coming Up With An Ecommerce Venture Would Be Profitable?

Facing the current economic situation, a considerable number of people worldwide have decided to do their own small businesses online to support themselves and their families for economic balance and development. They are persistently struggling to forge new and innovative business setups to establish a reliable financial fort.  Setting up an ecommerce you have to […]