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Seminar on “Pro Blogging & Affiliate Marketing” – How It Helps You!

At the last day of Laptop Fair 2013, our Seminar added immense value on the whole fair and grabbed huge attention of young bloggers, affiliate marketers and freelancers. Huge crowds on the Seminar proved once again that Bangladeshi guys want to do something different and make a living by earning a smart passive income. It […]

How Many Devices are Possible To Cover in Responsive Web?

These days, a great ratio of the website owner wants multiple version of their website, so that their website get compatible with all type of devices such as mobile phone, desktop computer, tablets as well as laptop. This web designing techniques make the website compatible with maximum devices and respond automatically according to the features […]

What I Told at Seminar Entitled “Taking Freelancing to New Height”

Another awesome Seminar entitled “Taking Freelancing to New Height” has been organized today by BDoSN at Laptop Fair’ 03 which is being held at National Military Museum at Bijoy Shoroni. I was invited to deliver a speech regarding Freelancer to Entrepreneur on that seminar which was started at 5 P.M. General Secretary of BDoSN Munir […]

Amazing Earning Data of Top 10 Online Business Giants

With the advancement in technology, more and more people demand quick, easy and cheap availability of their daily needs and requirements. This has driven a considerable number of online businesses to reach out to millions of people to fill in the market gap or to meet their requirements with an infinite range of services, assistances, […]

How Negative Online Reviews Hurt Your Brands

This whole Internet became a spot of  globalized communication, allowing business consumers to give their feedback on the products/services they have used, and what they think of them. Considering the limitless pool of information available to consumers online, hardly anyone goes purchasing today without seeking reviews about a certain business product/service they are interested in. […]

Why Responsive Web Design Will Rule The World?

Responsive web design approach are used in three main elements including media queries, flexible grids, layout and images that help the user to navigate easily on any website. One of the most significant and attractive feature of responsive website is that it serves all types of devices including the desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cell […]

7 SEO Misconceptions You Should Ignore in 2013

Search Engines algorithm changes constantly and so the Search Engine Optimization techniques. Bloggers join in the buzz after each algorithm updates and write these down on their blog. While writing, they mix it up with their own thoughts and exaggerate it and shares to their fans. At the end, this total SEO stuffs became a […]

Why Desktop Based App Will Die Within Next 2 Years?

Desktop applications are those runs on alone in laptop or desktop computer. The owner or user of laptop or desktop computer must need to install all the required applications separately on each computer. Here is a statistics of how general people (typical traffics) reacts on a typical Desktop & Web app both: Visitor to Free […]

How Social Media is Changing The Way to Promote Brand Online.

For the advancement in technology, it is inevitable for every business to make progress and success without an effective social media campaign.  Social media also play a key and effective role in marketing, advertising and branding. One of the main advantages of social media sites is that it cost nothing but provides you innovative features […]

How Google Ranking Algorithm Works in 2013

While the companies are busy finding the ‘secret’ for 2013, Google comes up with further modified algorithms that are meant to eradicate black hat techniques, so as to provide more meaningful search engine results. Google employs the use of Page Rank algorithm to rank websites in the Google search engine. Google’s Page Rank algorithm works […]