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10 Facts you Should Consider While Setting Up an Ecommerce Business.

With the growing popularity of the online market place, E-commerce has been one of the fastest expanding sectors of the trade industry. Hundreds of thousands of online stores exist around the World Wide Web. According to a survey, approximately 20,000 new e-commerce websites are opened every week. It has become essential for every business to […]

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Essential for your Business Website?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? In the modern age of internet marketing, it has become essential for every business to have strong online presence that reaps the maximum benefits. A company‚Äôs benefits imply an increase in its sales, profits and Return on Investment (RIO).Many online marketers employ methods like Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media […]

Why a Professional Looking LOGO is Important for a Company?

A logo is an identity. Logos and marks have been used to identity groups, landmarks or business. Custom symbols/emblems are used to identify and sometimes also describes the business or group and their activities. Today we see logos everywhere from laptops to the very cloths we wear. To find out the first use of symbols […]